About Us – Welcome To WOKSTARS

Crisp. Saucy.

Quickly served.


Wok Tossed Asian Fusion Meal

Wokstars is a unique concept, created to bring quick and flexible choice of ingredients and flavours to delicious Asian fusion wok meal — served within 5 minutes. Every dish is unique; prepared to customer’s taste and chosen ingredients. We call it ‘wok-a-wish’ and wokstars makes it come true. Yum!

So. what makes us the wok-stars?

Rockstars of wok :)


Our Chefs are Rockstars/wokstars

Great wok dish is one thing, but the real story behind wokstars is the skilled moves of chefs that just by shaking the wok constantly, they create the dish with less oil. Every meal is prepared that way, keeping every single vitamin, mineral and fibre remains in your dish. These are the secrets to such a nutritious and delicious wok.