Lets Collaborate – Welcome To WOKSTARS


Lets Collaborate

Let your move be the best yet.


Five-star Streetfood. Hot from the wok.

Wokstars menu is designed for all age groups. Even for kids.

Our primary focus is to be accessible to highstreet, office complexes, IT parks, food-court, food van and airport waiting areas. The concept is designed to operate from pop-up style small facilities, providing 5* quality meal with a flair of street food.

How can we collaborate.

  • Existing Space - Are you already into F & B looking to add more value and variety to your existing space ?
    1. We can have a Wok counter set up with very minimal space.
  • Offices - Food Courts at corporates.
  • Pop ups - Short term arrangement or for special days.
  • Catering - Private and Corporate. 50 and above Pax.
  • Franchisee - We can facilitate end to end solutions to set up a QSR model restaurant with minimal cost.